Learn Py4Web

py4web is an open-source, Python-based web framework. This site contains the material for a class that covers py4web in 10 weeks. The class is taught at the UCSC School of Engineering by Luca de Alfaro. Feel free to use the material provided here, and feel free to suggest new material (new videos, tutorials, and so forth). In fact, feel free to re-make improved versions of the videos, and I will be happy to include them.

In particular, the class is based on the following frameworks:

For more details, you can read the class syllabus.


The lectures are organized into units. The syllabus provides an overview of the whole class.


Creating HTML Pages

Serving Simple Pages

Serving Dynamic Web Pages

Working on a Project

The Database in More Depth

Building Dynamic Pages with JavaScript and Vue.js

Hosting Your App In the Cloud

Onwards to E-commerce


Each unit contains the links to the code repositories used in that unit. All code is provided as part of the learn-py4web code on GitHub.

How-To Resources


All videos are part of this YouTube playlist. Videos in the playlist have (automatically generated) captions.

License and Collaboration

Copyright of the author (Luca de Alfaro, if not otherwise noted). All code is released under the BSD 2-clause license. All videos and documents are released under the terms of the CC-BY-NC license. If you create translations, or captions in other languages, I would love to hear about it and facilitate the work the best I can, and host or point to them here. Likewise, if you create your own versions of some of the videos, let me know, and I may include them here.

Luca de Alfaro, 2021.